The graduate program at MIT Media Lab, where new technology is born, is creating unexpected combinations to discover unique applications of technology in our daily lives.

For a long time we’ve built cities around cars. Yet today, we’re working to build the car for the city. Researchers are working to build cars with 120-degree wheel rotation that can parallel park by simply sliding horizontally into a parking space. What’s more, they’re looking at ways that cars can “fold” or shrink to fit into smaller parking spaces.

If that didn’t blow your mind, imagine this: Today, printing is used in architecture to create 3D, realistic designs. The next generation of printers are going to get even more lifelike, using materials like cement, plastic and metal. Researchers say they foresee fleets of trucks printing entire 3D buildings.

With every invention it appears as though we’re inching toward technology that understands what makes us uniquely human. The MIT Media Lab is currently working on a new technology called FaceSense that can accurately read human emotion through photos and algorithms. Researchers expect to use FaceSense to improve autistic students’ ability to register emotion or clarify the answers of focus group participants.

The MIT Media Lab is showing how unexpected collaborations or combinations of tools, industries and ideas can lead to innovation.

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