10 D.C. Public Charters Turn to SchoolForce in the Cloud

E.L. Haynes Public Charter Schools announced today that it received a $2.3 million Instructional Improvement Systems (IIS) grant through the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education’s Race to the Top (RTTT) program to lead a consortium of 10 D.C. Public Charter Schools in developing and deploying a pilot of SchoolForce™.
SchoolForce, a cloud-based performance management and instructional improvement solution by Acumen Solutions, will help the schools create new modules for a fully-integrated student data system. E.L. Haynes first piloted the program in 2011, which helped develop a student-centered approach.
“We are thrilled to be the recipient of this IIS grant, which will enable us to pilot SchoolForce in charters across DC.  SchoolForce is poised to transform the way schools have access to student data, and OSSE’s support stands to make a significant impact on education in DC beyond the life of the grant,” said Jennifer C. Niles, E.L. Haynes Founder and Head of School.
SchoolForce integrates modules such as attendance, behavior, homework, student records, a Common Core compatible grade book, collaboration, social media, and document management – all of which can be shared with parents, administrators, teachers and students. SchoolForce is built to open standards on Salesforce.com’s Force.com platform and integrated with Google Apps.
The IIS grant is designed to support schools in implementing technology infrastructures and programs to improve data analysis of student performance in order to personalize instructional material and resources.

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