Washington State Falls Behind In EdReform

The Seattle Times reported this week that the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that the Legislature hasn’t met constitutional obligations to pay for basic education in a lawsuit led by districts, educators, parents, and community groups against the state this week. Lawmakers, who convene this week, are expected to fully implement edreforms by 2018.
In the midst of the fiscal crisis, the Supreme Court made a point of emphasizing that further cuts must be made for educational reasons. With the release today of Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s new report, “The Costs of Online Learning,” Washington lawmakers may find an effective solution to their budgetary needs in personal digital learning. It’s likely that this will be a hot topic of discussion tomorrow night at the Washington Online Learning Symposium in Olympia, Wash.
Read the full article “Supreme Court: Wash hasn’t met duty for education” by Donna Gordon Blankinship at The Seattle Times.

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