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Online Education published another great infographic! This week, the focus is on the Textbooks of Tomorrow: Digital Textbooks Will Take Off as Print Dwindles. The infographic points out many evident truths about textbooks in education today and the ways that digital technologies provide increased benefits.
For starters, an ipad or single laptop is a lot lighter than a textbook for every class. Yet, let’s dive into the more concrete benefits to digital resources from this infographic.
Digital textbooks or ebooks are a quickly growing trend in the market. The graphic suggests that by 2014, digital textbooks will carry 18.8 percent of the market. This will cause print publishing to take a 10 percent nose dive by 2014.
While this is a trend in the market on the whole, it’s also growing specifically among students. Forty-two percent of students surveyed reported purchasing at least one digital textbook in the last year.
Across the globe, digital textbooks are already picking up in education. For example, South Korea is investing $2 billion in digital textbooks by 2015. This data also supports the recent iNACOL study on blended learning around the world.
What’s more, in the midst of all the education budget cuts, it may be interesting to note that digital textbooks are 53 percent cheaper. These texts can be read on a laptop, iPad, tablet or ereader, which now offers increased usability across many classroom activities. As the graphic suggests, students can take notes, write a paper, study, and gather research in addition to reading the text.
Lastly, the graphic suggests that textbooks in the future will be highly interactive. This is a concept that is already in play with many ebooks. Digital textbook publishers are looking at ways to embed quizzes, animated content, games, interactive timelines, and study groups.
Check out the infographic below:

Textbooks of Tomorrow


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