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Jobs for the Future (JFF) published “Innovations at Scale: How Virginia Community Colleges Are Collaborating to Improve Developmental Education and Increase Student Success,” a report by Rose Asera targeting ways that we can meet college completion goals, this month.
The report hones in on the ways that Virginia is redesigning developmental education to increase college readiness. The case study focuses on the key roles of college leaders, faculty and staff to transforms ways that students engage with colleges. Virginia, which has 23 community colleges and 40 college campuses, is working to redesign developmental education by Spring 2013.
Through its redesign, Virginia aims to increase the number of community college students who complete a degree, transfer to a four-year institution or earn a workforce credential by 50 percent.
The plan is data-driven, analyzing the best ways to reduce the number of students who need developmental education, shorten the time span of developmental education and increase college completion rates.
Click here to view the full report.

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