Best Education Sites published a compelling infographic recently that takes a close look at the correlation between a school, college or university’s web presence and its overall quality. The infographic “Best Education Sites: The Schools that Rule the Web,” says that the Internet – as expected – is revolutionizing education.

College students are more likely to be plugged in to the Internet compared to the average adult on multiple levels. College students are more likely to use the Internet, have broadband access at home, use a wireless device and remain active on social networks.

Best Education Sites says that many colleges and universities are falling short and not offering students a “rich, easy, and educational experience through their websites.” According to the research, technical quality and website coding errors are directly related.

Colleges on this infographic were graded based on design, content, usability and user rating. For more, explore the sites evaluated for the infographic by color and font usage or social media presence.

Schools That Rule the Web
Created by: Best Education Sites


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