Fordham Institute names Indiana America’s Education Reform Idol 2011 at its event this morning that compared contestants Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin to see which state made the most legislative gains this year.

According to Tony Bennett’s recent article “Opinion: Indiana is America’s Education Reform Idol” in The Education Gladfly, Indiana expanded high-quality charter schools, created a broad needs-based voucher program and focused on educator quality and local flexibility. Bennett says, “Indiana has seen the most impactful and far reaching reforms passed and enacted.”

The state honed in on teacher quality and effectiveness for compensation models, professional development and evaluation. In addition, Indiana welcomed more charters across the state with higher accountability standards. While Indiana is making large strides to implement to new models for reform, there is always more to be done says Bennett.

Read Bennett’s article “Opinion: Indiana is America’s Education Reform Idol” as well as Michael Petrilli’s article “Opinion: Lessons for 2011’s Education Reform Idol” to learn more about today’s event evaluating education reform.

On view “Overhaul to No Child Left Behind, John Deasy, Nationawide EdReform” and “Chiefs to Watch” for more information on Indian’s reform.


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