Education technology continues to build momentum, especially recently. We have seen money from large for-profit companies, non-profits and individuals. In 100+ Online Resources That Are Transforming Education, Yury Lifshits takes us through nine clusters of education tech companies that much of this new found innovation and money is centered around.


1. New Institutions: online high schools, colleges, certification programs, enterprise training programs, and test preparation programs, experimental online programs, innovative offline programs. An example of a new institution for experimental online programs for universities: 2tor

2. Learning Management companies: web-based tools, analytics and reporting systems, learning management systems, corporate learning solutions.

3. Online Content: online video in forms of, from Khan Academy. free content from top universities, open-licensed content, wikis, content libraries, digital textbooks,

4. Networks and Marketplaces: tutor and training listings, paid/free online video and live training, college choice companies, online resume programs.

5. Live Training and Tutoring: streaming lectures and conferences, specialized teaching tools like Supercoolschool, tutor-student networks.

6. Learner Tools: online backchannels, memorization help, mobile learning apps such as StudyBlue and test prep programs.

7. Collaborative Learning: online study groups, modern question and answering platforms like, language and teacher communities.

8. Funding and Payments: A problem that does not have too many solutions is college funding but and GradeFund are making efforts to improve  financial questions surrounding education.

9. Hardware for Education: One Laptop Per Child and tablet computers.



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