Julie Young: CEO, Florida Virtual School

Ready for more candid views from one of the most successful pioneers of virtual public education? Here’s an interview we found of Julie Young, CEO of Florida Virtual School.
Hopes and Challenges of Virtual Education

THE Journal: How can virtual education best be incorporated into traditional schools for the best interest of students, or is it primarily one or the other?
Julie Young: It is perhaps one of the greatest ironies of online learning that teachers and students often find it more personal than the classroom experience. That said, I think we still need both face-to-face and online learning opportunities. In fact, you will see blended learning skyrocket for this very reason–it blends the personalization and individualization of online learning with the reassurance of face-to-face contact.
We are currently working with every school district in Florida to create blended learning options where online courses are used to supplement and enhance traditional classroom learning. Because online courses are incredibly flexible, district and school leaders can select the courses or program they need to best serve their students. Student win because they have the best of both worlds–traditional school schedules for classes they want to take in a face-to-face environment and options to supplement with online courses.

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