WGU Growing 30% Annually

Yesterday I caught up with Robert Mendenhall, president of Western Governors University.  I was an early board member but hadn’t talked to Bob in a couple years.  The progress they are making is really exciting.  WGU serves 21,000 students and is growing by more than 30% annually.
Here’s why WGU is cranking: the average time to a bachelor’s degree is 30 months—about twice as fast as a traditional college.  Speed to degree results from:
  • Willingness to accept transfer credits
  • Ability to test out of subjects where students have experience.
  • The online instruction allows students to move at their own pace

The teachers college is the largest; business, IT, and health are all growing rapidly.
WGU uses computer-based instruction that allows them to stretch staffing ratios and charge about $5,800 per year.
Indiana just adopted WGU as their 8th university.  Gov. Daniels understands that he needs to educate Indiana not protect existing institutions.
Why would you pay $58,000 per year to listen to a string of lousy lectures when you can go to WGU for 1/10 as much and finish twice as fast?

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Tom Vander Ark

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