Oprah Gives $6mil to Charters

This blog post originally ran at African-American reports, a blog that covers issues important to African-American culture that may get overlooked in the mainstream media. You can read the original blog post here.
On September 20 Oprah Winfrey donated 1 million each to six successful charter schools. This is great especially since Oprah has recieved some unfair crticism for doing work for education in South Africa and not here in America over the years.
These charitable donations will support and enhance operations for these successful charter school programs. The six groundbreaking programs are leaders in providing quality public education.
While making the donation Oprah Winfrey said, “I value nothing more in the world than education. It is the reason why I can stand here today. It is an open door to freedom. And we wanted to be able to, on behalf of the viewers, give you something to go back to your schools and make life better for the children in your schools,”
The six schools are:
•Aspire Public Schools (California)
•Denver School of Science & Technology (Colorado)
•LEARN Charter School Network (Chicago, Illinois)
•Mastery Charter Schools (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
•Sci Academy / New Orleans Charter Science and Math Academy (Louisiana)
•YES Prep Public Schools (Houston, Texas)

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