Refining the Blended Learning Strategy

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A school in Scotland claims to be the world’s first all electronic / digital school. So, perhaps their faculty and the kids would be able to provide some feedback on what makes a great blended program.
Next Gen Learning is trying to figure that out. They want these outcomes:

  • Blended learning degree and/or credential programs that have broad reach across a range of institutions/organizations, geographic areas, and/or large student populations and that demonstrate the capacity for increased learning effectiveness, particularly models and frameworks with demonstrated effectiveness among low-income young adult populations.
  • Formal institutional and organizational relationships and commitments that will sustain the continued development and delivery of the relevant program(s) over time.
  • Case studies that inform the development, implementation and use of blended learning models at scale.
  • Evaluation results and lessons learned that expand higher education understanding of the efficacy of blended learning, especially for low-income young adult students.

As we have written before at edReformer, strategies that focus on student motivation and that take lessons from game developers are good places to start.

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