Students Given Undivided Attention in Web 2.0

Entrepreneurs on the web have come up with so many ways to communicate peer-to-peer that it’s astounding we aren’t all drowning in information overload. Drop into that mix the millions of companies that have marketing teams who have figured out how to use this media channel array to communicate business-to-consumer and business-to-business, and it’s even more of a wonder why we aren’t short-circuiting from information assault.
It’s no puzzle why educators and administrators are a bit doubtful of using something like Facebook for education. They want to speak teacher-to-student and student-to-student in a way that is uncluttered, and invulnerable to mixed messages and unnecessary context. Enter Edmodo.
I found this completely unsolicited blog post from Michelle Sumner, a teacher,  about a recent installation of Edmodo as a classroom tool. Here’s what she had to say:

There are several other features that I look forward to using with my Edmodo network this year. I frequently poll my students regarding projects they are working on and level of enjoyment or challenge. Edmodo allows me to do this easily using a feature similar to Polleverywhere all in one location. Students don’t have to remember a different address to access our information. In addition, I can send our blog feeds directly to our Edmodo network, allowing students to see when I have made changes and added posts to our class blog.

Smart and savvy teachers like Sumner understand that undivided attention quotient and a need for a safe environment. She doesn’t have to worry about a student’s attention being pulled away from another quirky online viral video, or a dozen requests to play Mafia Wars. Those can happen outside of school, and on the student’s own time. In the Edmodo environment, school gets extended into the live web, into the social media space, and allows both teacher and student to use their best skills in a web environment they are already pretty comfortable using.
Edmodo is a Revolution Learning portfolio company.

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