Caroline Hoxby presented findings of her NYC charter school study at the Columbia Business School Social Enterprise Forum.

Study highlights show that making a little progress every year closes achievement and graduation gaps:

  • *annual gap closing effects are moderately strong
  • *for every year students spend in a charter they are 7% more likely to graduate from high school
  • *attending a charter school for multiple years can close the achievement gap
  • Hoxby attributes charter success to

  • *governance (nonprofit + authorizer v school district)
  • *hiring discretion and lack of union work rules
  • *diagnostic assessment
  • *long day (8 v 5.5) and year (192 days v 178)
  • *pay based on performance & duties (not seniority & credentials)
  • Check out the full powerpoint.  Thanks to Whitney Tilson for pointing it out.



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