Emerging Markets on Parity with American Ed System?

Before I was sent this press release, I talked to Curt Allen at Agilix, who told me that earlier this year, when MSFT wanted to launch this technology, they had predicted that 85% of the market would be “emerging world.” That’s not what is happening, says Allen. Right now they are seeing interest that is about 50-50% from emerging markets and the developed nations. What does that tell you about pace of change? Either the emerging markets are catching up with a yet-to-wake up industrialized market, or something economic or technical has happened in what is often perceived as two separate markets. That “something” might have more to do with a confluence of needs, since so much of learning depends on resource allocation and nowadays a need to be globally available.
This technology apparently allows many students to work on one computer at once, through several entry points. To me, this seems like a resources solution. With budgets being cut, you are going to need a way to get to more people for less. That’s education these days.
Press Release
Agilix Labs, Inc. today announces that it is working with Microsoft Corporation on making Agilix Learning Services available for Windows MultiPoint Server 2010  – a computing solution that allows multiple users to simultaneously share one computer.
Agilix plans to add core learning functionality to MultiPoint Server 2010 in the form of a software development kit (SDK) that has access to a multitude of Agilix Learning APIs and UI components. Partners and ISVs can leverage the comprehensive Agilix Learning Services components to rapidly build learning applications for MultiPoint Server 2010. Agilix Learning Services include components such as assessment, digital content management, dropbox, collaboration, grades, outcomes and analytics.
“Our goal is to help our Microsoft education partners deliver content, engage learners and enhance the student experience, all while achieving significant cost efficiencies,” said Anthony Salcito, vice president of worldwide education at Microsoft. “Our partnership with Agilix Learning Services is an example of how working together we can create and deliver learning solutions faster, better and  of more value to educators.”
“Educators want solutions that align to learning outcomes, not just cool technology,” said Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab, senior vice president of Agilix Labs. “The combination of Multipoint Server and Agilix Learning Services creates a unique, low-cost solution that truly aligns technology to learning outcomes. Microsoft Partners will quickly extend and innovate using the SDK to create unique and measurable solutions.”
Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is now globally available to Microsoft academic volume licensing customers and from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). To learn more about Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, visit, www.microsoft.com/windows/multipoint/.. For more information about Agilix Learning Services, visit www.agilix.com.

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