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Ten Blogs on Education and Technology to Follow, and Then Some

The title should allude to ten blogs, but I am throwing in one more blog to make up for the time I spent not following this meme. These links are actually a collection of blogs and online resources that have helped me learn a little bit more about technology, education and classroom web 2.0. I had meant to follow this meme about two weeks ago, since a couple of bloggers linked to us, with compliments. Travel and a lot of backlog kept me from doing it. So here you go:
Classroom 2.0 is not so much a blog, but a collection of bloggers, teachers, and online resources that benefit educators looking for technology and learning ideas.
Cool Cat Teacher is Vicki Davis, who worked on the Flat Class Room Project and seems to have had a lot of experience in Asia and in education. She’s particularly conversant on technology and social media.
The English Companion is really not about technology at all, but they have links to good stories about technology, when it intersects with literacy and reading.
Images 4 Education is a site that, I have to confess, I have not spent much time on, but take a look. You’ll see why. There’s a lot of information there, and many teachers and tech-focused educators. You can find a community here and get lost at the same time.
Susan Carter Morganis a teacher, but she’s leaving teaching to join Powerful Learning Practice. It’s a shame. She gets online and she gets teaching, but maybe this will enable her to share with more people, and put some surge behind her ambition to blend tech and learning.
Jim Burke reminded me of my high school English teacher, so I just put him in here for that reason alone. He’s a good writer, and he’s put together some thoughtful analysis of education.
High Techpectations has a very strange name, but the content on the blog totally weaves together technology, literacy, learning and the future.
The Innovative Educator is a blogger I read for stories like this: real life examples of students teaching teachers about technology. I never had that experience when I taught high school philosophy and literature. I like to see stuff like that, and then think about it.
Tom Liam Lynch’s coverage of the iZone in NYC is great to read. I live in New York but don’t know much about the iZone. This helps.
Education & Tech is a blog that I’ve been reading since I started editing edReformer.com.
Classroots Blogis run by a teacher, Chad, who is publishing case studies of great success and some failures in education. He’s looking to reform education from the inside. I like when he particularly focuses on tech, education entrepreneurs and “hacking” the system to make it work better.

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