Last week, I visited Bronx Prep, a great 5-12 charter school. They have created nice blend of a disciplined and caring environment, and strong core academic programs shared with the arts.

Students at Bronx Prep have to explore college options

During high school, students visit colleges every semester. By the time they are juniors and beginning the application process, they have visited about 20 colleges.My favorite thing about Bronx Prep is that students must apply to five colleges and be accepted into one post-secondary option to graduate. As a result, for the last three years, 100% of Bronx Prep graduates have been admitted to college!

Bronx Prep was one of the first charters approved in New York. After a couple cramped years in a church basement, they moved into a beautiful $20 million facility designed and built for them. The board is a great mixture of Wall Street and community folks.

I wish charter critics would visit schools like this, this is how urban education should work.



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