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Jessica Slusser is a Project Manager at Getting Smart. Follow Jessica on Twitter: @Jess_Slusser.

What’s New in Leadership? Lifelong Learning + Project Management

As we have been writing throughout our project-based world series, the nature of work is changing and so in turn are the necessary skills for success. So what do we need to ensure we grow the type of leaders we'll need in the future?
a typewriter in a garbage can on top of a pile of crumpled up paper, an image demontrating the need for writing projects for students in the internet era

6 Writing Projects for Students in the Internet Era

Today's students will be expected to write in a variety of new formats when they enter the working world, and it’s important to prepare them to face these challenges. Here are six writing projects to prepare students for wtiting in the internet era.

Let’s Talk Math: Two New Resources to Help Promote Mathematical Discourse

The math classroom is often a challenging place for learners, but mathematical discourse can help students reflect on and develop their understanding of math concepts, building their confidence. Here are two new resources to get them started.
Audience clapping at professional learning education conferences in 2017 presentation from FETC

25 Can’t-Miss Education Conferences in 2017

Check out our 2017 list of 25 education conferences we think will be valuable opportunities for educators, startups and policy-makers to learn and engage with each other.

Cool Schools: 3 High School Options in Tacoma

We recently visited three innovative high schools in the Tacoma Public School District that provide the area's 28,000 students opportunities to explore passions and connect to the community in deeper ways than you see at most high schools.

Getting Smart Podcast | Dropout Prevention: Community, Support and Guidance

October is dedicated to National Dropout Prevention, and in this podcast Laurel Barrette, director of dropout prevention and high school initiatives at K12 Inc., shares ways we can all help keep students engaged and enrolled.

Online Learning: Support Through Disaster

After a tragic event like the Louisiana floods, something we often don’t consider is how to continue offering students options to learn while their city rebuilds. Here is how online learning can help.