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Jessica Slusser is a Project Manager at Getting Smart. Follow Jessica on Twitter: @Jess_Slusser.

Impact Report Shows NTN Better Prepares Students for College and Life

Schools that are part of networks have shown boosted achievement and graduation rates, and networks allow for quality options to scale in communities that need them most. New Tech Network is a great example.

Solving the EdTech Gap for Early Learners

A new venture challenge is offering funding for innovative teams of educators and entrepreneurs who are creating EdTech tools that address the needs of early learners. Learn more here.

Addressing Teacher Shortage: One Possible Solution, High Quality Online Learning

The teacher shortage problem can be attributed to many different things, and the solution is much deeper than simply partnering with an online provider. But that can still be a useful component of an effective solution.

A People-First Commitment Drives Growth

Behind the powerful educational materials and tools (like Ready and i-Ready) that Curriculum Associates (CA) designs to help students succeed is a deep-rooted commitment to valuing its employees. Learn more here.

3 Ed Leader Recommendations for Building Phonics Instruction

In a new publication titled "What Really Matters in Teaching Phonics Today: Laying a Foundation for Reading", Dr. Jim Cunningham explores the foundational reading skills that must be developed in order for the “building” of reading and writing to be strong.

What’s New in Leadership? Lifelong Learning + Project Management

As we have been writing throughout our project-based world series, the nature of work is changing and so in turn are the necessary skills for success. So what do we need to ensure we grow the type of leaders we'll need in the future?
a typewriter in a garbage can on top of a pile of crumpled up paper, an image demontrating the need for writing projects for students in the internet era

6 Writing Projects for Students in the Internet Era

Today's students will be expected to write in a variety of new formats when they enter the working world, and it’s important to prepare them to face these challenges. Here are six writing projects to prepare students for wtiting in the internet era.