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It’s a Project-Based World: A Thought Leadership Campaign


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Read Preparing to Lead in a Project-Based World to learn how the roles for education and community leaders are being redefined accordingly, and how individuals and groups can prepare to lead in this increasingly project-based world.

About one-third of American workers are now engaged in some kind of freelance, or project-based, work. Students are graduating into a working world that encourages short-term projects or “gigs” over full-time employment. And, for those who do work in full-time jobs, they often organize their work into projects, work collaboratively in teams and solve unique and pressing problems.

We spent the last year exploring the following questions:


It’s a Project-Based World: A Year-Long Thought Leadership Campaign

In this year-long campaign titled “It’s a Project-Based World,” Getting Smart explored the economic realities of a project-based world as part of the equity movement to ensure all students are prepared for college, career and citizenship. The projects purpose: to promote equity and access to deeper learning outcomes for all students. We cultivated a blog series exploring topics around the preparation of students, teachers and leaders for a project-based world. In addition to the blog series, the campaign includes podcast interviews, publications, infographics and speaking engagements. 

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Preparing Teachers for a Project-Based World

In the paper Preparing Teachers for a Project-Based World, Emily Liebtag and Tom Vander Ark explore how teacher preparation and professional learning can be aligned to–and modeled after–the types of deeper learning environments we also seek to create for students.

Preparing Students for a Project-Based World

Preparing Students for a Project-Based World by Bonnie Lathram, Bob Lenz and Tom Vander Ark explores economic realities, equity, student engagement and instructional and school design in the preparation of all students for college, career and citizenship. There is also a quick start guide for students to get started with projects today.

For more, see our latest articles on the project and track the conversation at #ProjectBased.

Media: Interviews, Podcasts and Videos

Superintendent Patricia Deklotz shared with the Getting Smart team how she is working to prepare teachers in the Kettle Moraine School District

Drew Perkins, Director of PD at TeachThought and PBL enthusiast, chatted with Getting Smart about student-centered learning and ideas for how to best prepare teachers for this work.

The Getting Smart podcast features students and educators from Bulldog Tech.

Bonnie Lathram was interviewed on Education Talk Radio on August 31, 2016 with Larry Jacobs.

The Getting Smart podcast features Students and Parents of Project-Based Learning.

Bonnie Lathram was interviewed on Education Innovations Radio with Paula Lazor.

The Getting Smart podcast features student projects and teachers from Highline School District.

Tom Vander Ark offers a five minute commencement speech from June 2016.