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Erik is a project coordinator at Getting Smart. Follow him on Twitter: @ErkDay.

Digital Promise Making Research Accessible to Educators

Solid research is the underpinning of innovations that have a truly positive impact on those whom they touch. In this post, we look at a new tool that's improving access to relevant, high-quality education research.

Getting Smart Podcast | Involving Teachers in the Process of Innovation

Teacher voice and engagement are crucial to the success of a pilot program. In this podcast, we hear more about how those seeking to design a pilot can ensure that teachers are a valuable part of the process of innovation.

Getting Smart Podcast | The Details Behind Pilot Design

So you’ve decided that you want to plan a pilot for a new EdTech tool. Where to start? There are a number of factors that affect the outcome a pilot, from the technical down to the cultural. In this podcast, we take a detailed look at those factors.

Getting Smart Podcast | Using Pilot Programs as a Foundation for Innovation

What do you do when you think a new program or EdTech tool could benefit your district or school's students, but you just aren't 100% sure? In part one of this three-part series on pilot design best practices, we look at how you can make an informed decision.

Getting Smart Podcast | Global Competency in Kentucky

Jim Detwiler, Boone County School District’s Assistant Superintendent, shares how they designed their global competency program and exactly why it is such a priority for this diverse region of Kentucky.
2 students chatting about what they're working on for their project-based learning assignment at TAF

My First School Visit: Project-Based STEM at TAF

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was first invited to go on a school visit in my home district of Federal Way, where I received my 20th-century education. Read more about how the district is making strides towards next-gen learning here.
a typewriter in a garbage can on top of a pile of crumpled up paper, an image demontrating the need for writing projects for students in the internet era

6 Writing Projects for Students in the Internet Era

Today's students will be expected to write in a variety of new formats when they enter the working world, and it’s important to prepare them to face these challenges. Here are six writing projects to prepare students for wtiting in the internet era.