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Erik manages projects for Getting Smart’s strategic advisory partnerships. With a system-oriented outlook and a background in marketing and communication, he oversees the details that ensure our partners’ initiatives are powerful and effective. Follow him on Twitter @ErkDay.

Three Ongoing Trends in Education Data

Three ideas that continue to gain momentum in the use of education data are interoperability, meta-analysis, and continuous improvement--these shifts can make data usage easier, more widely applicable, and more effective, respectively. Learn more here.

EdNavigator: Supporting Families Through Education Wayfinding

EdNavigator, a New Orleans-based nonprofit, has developed an interesting and exciting strategy for helping socioeconomically disadvantaged families find the best educational opportunities available to them. Learn more about their approach here.

JFF Horizons: Building New Bridges to the Future of Work and Learning

We won’t be able to prepare our students for the rapidly changing world and technologies like AI if our education, policy, and private sector systems continue operating in silos. JFF Horizons highlighted creative new ways to build bridges between these sectors.

Tools for Project-Based Learning: The Landscape Today

The spread of access to low-cost devices holds great promise for giving more students high quality project-based experiences, but tech has yet to become a panacea for the challenges of PBL. In this post, we look at the recent history of PBL-oriented edtech, and draw some predictions about where it’s headed.

A Simple, Free, Powerful Badging System

Badges occupy an interesting space in education. Everybody knows what they are, most people have at least one or two, and they hold a lot of promise for improving education. But they still don't see the widespread use one might expect. Here, we look at a company trying to change that.

A New Way to Start an EdTech Company

Enkidu, an Indian EdTech startup, could revolutionize the way we view business collaboration where time, trust and efficiency are of the utmost of importance in spite of long distances separating collaborators. It could also open up exciting new avenues for education.

Cybersecurity: A Promising Approach to Integrating CompSci and PBL

To maximize the benefits of computer science education, we should be looking for ways to bring it into authentic PBL--but that is an undeniably tall order. One way is through data science. Another, it turns out, is through cybersecurity.