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The Learning Sciences: Two Perspectives

By: Amelia Peterson. With developments in psychology and neuroscience, the thinking goes, we should be able to build a core body of knowledge on learning to inform how we teach and organize education. When it comes to moving from knowledge to action, however, the learning sciences seem to break up into two different perspectives.

Painting the Future of K-12: Art as a Vehicle for Teacher and Student Learning

By: Bonnie Allen. If we envision the future of K-12 education as a painting, we should picture art and core curricular instruction taking place on one canvas to improve learning for both students and teachers.

Using Popular Motivational Theories to Evaluate Digital Tools

By Dr. Rachel Schechter - Edtech providers are rapidly developing and launching programs. That is potentially great news, but not when that rapid development reflects quantity over quality. Keeping best practices in mind when deciding on digital tools puts both educators and students on surer footing.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

By: Amy McGrath. More and more young people are starting to build their own businesses. Mark Greenberg is the founder and CEO of BuildEd. He uses his experience as an entrepreneur in industries ranging from consulting to real estate investment to develop entrepreneurship courses for partners like ASU Prep Digital and several K-12 programs.

HQPBL Case Study: School21

Through high quality Project Based Learning, students are developing robust and deep subject knowledge that is both cross-curricular in nature and can easily be applied to real-world problems and challenges.

7 Real-World Issues That Can Allow Students To Tackle Big Challenges

How can we creatively collaborate, critically think and communicate in ways that will make our world a better place to live? Letting our students practice thinking about and working on these seven big issues can present hundreds of relevant challenges that can be a big step toward that future.

Deeper Learning For All: The Equity Agenda in Louisville

Tom sits down with Dr. Carmen Coleman and Dr. John Marshall of Jefferson County Public Schools to learn how the two have worked together shape powerful, equitable, high-quality learning experiences for the over 100,000 students in Louisville, Kentucky.

Microsoft Inclusive Classroom Adds Picture Dictionary

Today, Microsoft announced the addition of a visual dictionary to its suite of inclusive classroom tools to make it easier for teachers and students to change text size and spacing to accommodate reading differences. Learn more here.