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Future of Learning

New Metrics for Success

Cameron Paterson explores the way schools and universities quantify the educational achievements of young people and how the school system is too narrowly fixated on test results as a measure of student achievement.

Ed Policy

The Importance of Teacher Voice

Only 59% of teachers surveyed are confident voicing their honest opinions and concerns, but as Cameron Paterson explains, the rich experience and expertise of teachers mean that their opinions should be sought, listened to, and highly valued.

Project-Based Learning

Democracy and Education

Democracy is facing a performance crisis. Cameron Paterson breaks down how education can make a difference and what we can do moving forward.

Early Learning

Reggio Emilia: An Inspiring Approach to Early Learning

In Reggio Emilia, an early childhood approach that has evolved over the past 50 years, schooling is based on the pedagogies of listening and relationships. A great deal of children’s work is done in small groups, grounded in meaningful projects. Learn more here.

Equity & Access

Meeting Students on Their Own Cultural Turf

Every student has different realities from their teacher, but this is especially the case if the teacher is from another ethnic, racial, cultural or socioeconomic background. This uniqueness of each student’s experience is a fundamental, and often overlooked, piece of the teaching and learning puzzle.

Future of Work

The Future of Work Is the Future of Lifelong Learning

In order to engrain the habits of metacognition and continuous improvement into both ourselves and those we serve, we need actionable behaviors that we can personally model before we will be able to develop structures and cultures that will encourage those skills.


Easy Ideas for Pleasant Holiday PD

Some educators find the thought of professional development during holidays anathema, while others enjoy finding a quiet meditative moment to explore new ideas. Creativity tends to strike when we are in the shower or on a quiet walk, and holidays can provide this brain space.