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Getting Smart Collective (formerly eduInnovation) is a Washington State Nonprofit 501(c)(3) and has been an important part of the education innovation landscape for over a decade. Through extended advocacy, grantmaking and storytelling campaigns, we have worked with countless partners, organizations and schools to focus on innovations that drive equity.

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We’re so happy to work alongside Getting Smart day in and day out to catalyze change across the innovation landscape. Find out more about our roles here.

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Getting Smart Collective actively builds the future of learning by designing, accelerating and amplifying equitable innovations that empower all people to thrive and lead in a complex world.



We publish an annual Impact Update that highlights some of the work we do as an organization and as a broader team. Check out our report below.

Board of Directors

Byron Sanders

Big Thought

Edgar Palacios

Latinx Education Collaborative

Mike McGalliard

Tom Vander Ark

Getting Smart
ASU Prep


The “Big Push for Small Schools” campaign is a multi-year initiative aimed at catalyzing innovation and growth in microschool models. These microschools, rooted in a historical tradition of cooperative and small-scale learning, are envisioned to become diverse, sustainable, and impactful alternatives within the educational landscape.

This campaign focuses on promoting quality, equity, and accessibility by fostering a network of microschool leaders, providing technical assistance, and offering grants to propel the development of these innovative learning environments. See our website for more details.

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Over the last decade, we have highlighted numerous opportunities at the intersection of learning innovation and equity. From Place-based Education to AI, Infrastructure to Parents, we are engaged with the cutting edge of learning that works for all students. Check out a few of our past campaigns and series.


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