Portrait of an Educator Gallery

A Portrait of an Educator helps guide hiring and professional learning as a school or district implements a learning model. Well established PoE’s will contain clear outcomes and/or competencies that link to demonstrated educator evidence via classroom performance or professional learning experiences. Systems built as competency based and mirror the learning model will help to accelerate educator understanding of the model.

Glenbard Profile of an Educator

This Portrait of an Educator from Glenbard Township High Schools in Illinois emphasizes adaptability, diversity and empathy.

Unique Callout: Understands the Impact of Global Systems

KnowledgeWorks Educator Competencies

This 2020 edition of Educator Competencies created by KnowledgeWorks, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the Students at the Center initiative is designed to serve as a customizable tool to guide educator development. The intent is to enable a growing number of teachers to implement and scale up a transformation of their classrooms into places of personalized, student-centered learning.

Unique Callout: Need to Reflect

Lindsey Look Fors

The effort aligned the Portrait of a Student with a Portrait of an Educator Based on the research conducted by Columbia’s Center for Public Research and Leadership, as well as the practice-based experience of Lindsay Unified School District, Summit, and Transcend, the team identified six principles with 26 sets of indicators of what quality personalized learning looks like (see more research in Summaries of the Research and Co-construction Processes). The Look Fors resource defines ideal personalized learning classrooms through the six guiding Principles shown below: Rigor, Customization, Purposefulness, Relevance, Collaboration, and Community.

Unique Callout: Purposefulness

Reynoldsburg Portrait of an Educator

Reynoldsburg City Schools recently unveiled its Portrait of an Educator in alignment with its Portrait of a Graduate. These five competencies highlight not only what we look for in a highly qualified candidate, but it reflects work already being done throughout the District.

Unique Callout: Cultural Literacy

San Angelo Educator Profile

This profile was designed to respond to the question, “If we believe that the Learner Profile is what we want for the students of San Angelo ISD, then what kind of educators do we need to recruit, develop, and support?” These attributes encompass the qualities and characteristics we believe are important for all educators and support staff to exhibit in order to empower the learning needs of our future-ready learners.

Unique Callout: Inspire Those Around Them

Hillsboro Portrait of an Educator

Hillsboro ISD recognizes the the teacher in the classroom has the greatest impact on profound learning.  The HISD Portrait of an Educator reflects the skills, attributes, and dispositions necessary to build meaningful learning relationships with students as well as with parents and colleagues.

Unique Callout: Intellectual Risk

Red Oak Educator Profile

This portrait from Red Oak ISD, also called the ‘Four Talons of the Hawk’ is a guiding framework for educators that emphasizes leaving a legacy through service, and demonstrates fair and respectful characteristics.

Unique Callout: 1% Better Every Day