Portrait of a System Gallery

A Portrait of a System is a collective vision that stems from a collaborative exploration of the evolving educational landscape and operates as a powerful compass to guide the transformative redesign of a learning system. A System Portrait would include a shared aspiration that is supported by shared agreements and commitments in order to set a course for realization.

Westminster Public Schools Shared Agreements

Westminster has established principles that ultimately uphold the mission of: “creat[ing] opportunities to develop competent, agile learners who will contribute to their community and achieve personal success.”

Unique Callout: Respect

Cajon Valley Mission, Vision and Promise

The MVP (Mission, Vision, Promise) from Cajon Valley has crafted 8 promises which seek to “deliver the best service to anyone that calls Cajon Valley home, whether as an employee, student, family or community member. We may never be perfect, but we will make every effort to deliver on our 8 promises.

Unique Callout: Service

Buford City Schools Instructional Framework

This leadership portrait emphasizes Purposeful Design, Engaging Instruction, Continuous Monitoring and Reflective Adjustment.

Unique Callout: Cyclical and Iterative

Goose Creek CISD Instructional Framework

Goose Creek CISD is developing the whole child and empowering every student with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a global community.

Unique Callout: Building partnerships with families and the community to support our schools in a meaningful way.

SoLD Principles for Schools

These Science of Learning and Development (SoLD) design principles guide the transformation of k-12 settings, illustrating how practitioners can implement structures and practices that support learning and development through its five components. These design principles do not suggest a single design or model for change, but rather illuminate the multiple ways that schools can be redesigned to support all learners.

Unique Callout: Emphasis on Belonging.

Portrait of a Culturally Responsive School

The Leadership Academy has created a Portrait that offers school leaders and their teams guidance for developing practices, policies and structures that support the establishment of schools intentionally built to ensure children of every race, ethnicity, language or other characteristics of their identity, have what they need to achieve academic, social, and emotional success.

St. Vrain Strategic Priorities

The mission of St. Vrain Valley Schools is to be an exemplary school district which inspires and promotes high standards of learning and student well-being in partnership with parents, guardians and the community. This is achieved through a focus on ten strategic priorities that support the advancement of student achievement and global success.

Unique Callout: Outstanding Communication