Self-Portrait Gallery

The Self-Portrait allows learners of all ages to describe their growth around the applicable portraits, strengths, career interests, extra-curricular interests, approaches to learning, and reflections. The Self-Portrait evolves over time and is shared periodically with other stakeholders. 

Compass by Valor

At the core of Valor’s mission — to inspire our diverse community to live inspired, purposeful lives — is the belief that education is about helping young people reach their whole and full potential. Through Valor’s Compass Model, all members of our community (yes, adults too!) work to develop their own Inner Compass, which we hope will be a reliable source of guidance throughout their lives.

Unique Callout: Appreciations


AYO is here to help students unlock their full potential so each student experiences a tailored learning approach to meet their individual needs. To uncover students’ potential, AYO uses communication with students, teachers, and parents – combined with other information it gathers about individual students – to understand those students’ passions and aptitudes and determine where they overlap. 


Wayfinder’s research-backed six Core Skills go beyond typical SEL competencies to incorporate future-ready skills in order to connect classroom learning to the real world.

Unique Callout: Adaptability

Mastery Transcript Consortium

The Mastery Transcript Consortium Self-Portrait enables learners to see their performance and credits in different subject areas, as well as collecting badges and competencies as they are earned, providing transparency, fluency and more.

Ednovate Whole Child Report Card

This tool tracks data to help students map their experiences onto six core focus areas: Mastery, College Rigor, Self-Regulation, Critical Thinking, Purpose and Presence.

Unique Callout: Presence

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