Green Policy

Federal and state grants provide opportunities for new or expanded green programs and pathways.

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Federal Policy

On a larger scale of funding, federal and state grants provide opportunities for new or expanded green programs and pathways. Each state determines its allocations differently and Advance CTE has created a comparison tool where you can find information about CTE funding appropriated to each state. A number of states provide funding to districts that are looking to enhance or grow their programs through competitive grants. States can maximize the quality of CTE programs by aligning their federal, state, and local resources, as well as vertical alignment with higher education partners, for a K-12 to career continuum to green skills and jobs.

Explore opportunities for funding through federal grants:

The IRA provides a significant opportunity for school districts to invest in sustainability. By taking advantage of these funds, schools can help protect the environment, save money, and educate students about the importance of sustainability. Aside from supporting districts in valuable transitions to renewable energy, investments in efficiency upgrades and green transportation, schools can utilize this opportunity to teach students about climate change and green careers. In addition to passing one of the biggest pieces of legislation in recent history, the Biden-Harris Administration furthermore outlined priorities for building a cleaner infrastructure across the nation, including the improvement of community engagement and addressing gaps in the permitting workforce. 

A research paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research stated that “in terms of geography, we find that green jobs are more likely to locate in areas with a high share of oil & gas employment, such as Texas. Thus, policies that promote the growth of renewable energy will likely lead to relatively high paying job opportunities for less educated workers and for US regions that currently have a high share of employment in the fossil fuel extraction industry.”