AI will change education in a variety of ways, from the way students learn to the way teachers teach.

AI will change education in a variety of ways, from the way students learn to the way teachers teach. AI-based tools will allow students to learn faster, with more personalized instruction tailored to their individual needs. AI can also help teachers track student progress, allowing them to intervene in learning when necessary and provide more effective instruction. AI can also provide valuable insights into student performance and help teachers develop better teaching methods. AI will also help schools become smarter, with more efficient use of resources and better decision-making. Ultimately, AI can help create a more equitable, effective, and enjoyable learning environment for all students.

While we are making broad predictions, imagine if every person had access to supportive AI technology that was designed with equity, access, privacy and learners at the core. ChatGPT and its successors, built on these premises, will radically change the education landscape – sooner than we think. In an increasingly distracted and disconnected world, perhaps AI can provide more quality educational access to more people in a more efficient manner to give time to collaboratively tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Though skepticism if not trepidation about AI in education exists, it’s superficial and diminishing in time as more beneficial technology proves its worth in our workflows. The promise for solving some of the most universal issues such as recovering scarce or lost instructional time, providing intelligent prompts to all roles, and increasing engagement with learning activities are too attractive if not necessary for the field’s collective success.

We must make sure that the upcoming generations learn relevant skills that will set them and our planet up for success.

Next Generation Learning Goals

On a recent Getting Smart Town Hall, we unpacked what skills students should know and what they should be able to do to meet the rising complexity and uncertainty of a VUCA world.

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