Liz Rasmussen

Operations Coordinator


I’m passionate about our work because:
I’m a dedicated lifelong learner and I enjoy being a part of an educational shift that I wish had happened early on in my own education experience. 

My favorite learning experience is:
I think it’s really important to empower yourself to change your mind and to know that the answer is oftentimes the journey. One of my favorite learning experiences was during my first summer out of high school when I worked as a deckhand. I was thrown in and had to learn on my feet resulting in lasting, powerful learning.  

My role in three words:
Adult Supervisor & Conductor 

I’m currently learning about:
I’m currently learning a lot about competency-based education and how systems change is enacted at the administrative level. I’m also learning more about what causes myofascial tissue pain… I wish I wasn’t, though. 

I’m currently working on:
Improving internal systems and workflows to make them more efficient. I’m also working on getting through a large stack of books… I just keep buying them.