Jessica Kulaas
Digital Content Coordinator

Jessica Kulaas - Getting Smart

Jessica Kulaas is a lifelong learner who actively pursues growth at every opportunity. This approach to learning transfers into her role and fuels her success as Getting Smart’s Digital Content Coordinator. In this role, she leans into her ability to connect people and maximizes her ability to build relationships that support the amplification of our work.

Our mission to engage, explore and design the future of learning and work provides motivation around her role in supporting the curation of high-quality digital content, coordinating Getting Smart bloggers, managing social media and generating a weekly Smart Update.

With a background in supporting community relations through planning, marketing and social media, her attention to detail, brings an elevated level of expertise in our ability to serve our content partners. She has previously been successful in multiple capacity of law enforcement to include social media, website development and maintenance, communications, accreditation and leadership. When Jessica is not, “in the blog” she enjoys spending time with her family in sunny Arizona.

Jessica holds a Certificate in Communication (Emergency) from Renton Technical College and has achieved multiple accolades over the course of her 20 year career associated with high quality community service.