I’m passionate about our work because:
Access to education changed my own pathways in life and the impact of this work can be immense. We have a responsibility to ensure that a commitment to learning and equity never stops — for our children, families and communities. 

My favorite learning experience is:
Achieving a sense of independence. This most noticeably happened when I left home for the first time — it was a sense of culture shock, a version of learning by doing. It was the best decision I ever made. 

My role in three words:
Purposeful, Creative Storyteller

I’m currently learning about:
How to best be visually engaging on different platforms and how to ensure that we create the best experiences for our audiences. I’m continuing to learn about ensuring accessibility for different communities and users. I’m also always learning about new graphic trends and working on new dishes in the kitchen. 

I’m currently working on:
Reimagining our visual language and trying to take more of a lifelong learner stance in my own personal and professional life. I’m also growing a lot in my understanding of race/equity. 


Ashley formerly worked for Federal Way Public Schools as a Multimedia Specialist, helping to tell the stories of educators, students and a school community through social media, blogs and content. Through this work and her own personal experience of education, she has gained respect and appreciation for all people in the sector. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Studies and is dedicated to creating things that pique readers’ interests. When she’s not learning about visual storytelling or new trends she is spending time with her family, including her young one, Forrest. 

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