Adam Kulaas
Vice President of Learning Design

EdM: Education Leadership
MS: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Experience: 20 Years of School Design and Leadership Growth
Previous Positions: K-8 Public Montessori Principal, High School Principal, Middle and High School Assistant Principal, ASCD Faculty Member (Building Teacher and Leadership Capacity Cadre), Instructional Coach, AVID Coordinator and Teacher.

I’m passionate about our work because:
I’m drawn to change and at my best when collaborating to design agile solutions. Our work regularly presents us with opportunities for solution design and our industry is in need of continuous improvement. That, and I’m dedicated to empowering learners to dream, something that our current system is lacking.

My favorite learning experience is:
I’m a very visual learner so I learn best when tinkering, playing and crafting. I thrive with a vague roadmap that is iterative and alive.

My role in three words:
Solution capacity builder.

I’m currently learning about:
The crossover and relevance of the bigger picture. This exciting intersection between the “conclusion” often associated with the diploma, and the reality that it is simply a launchpad to each learner’s next. I like to live in the gray and discover how we can deliver systems that emphasize whole learner success through whole community design.

I’m currently working on:
Refining the method, approach and possibility that is delivered through human-centered school design. This work, coupled with a commitment to developing the leadership capacity of passionate individuals serving kids, is my happy place.

Adam is an advocate for solution design. He believes in maximizing experiences through collaboration and intentionality and finds comfort in the discomfort of designing outside the box. Serving students, families and communities is the driving motivator behind Adam’s innovative balance of art and science. Adam leads with care and disruption, a unique combination that is well-suited for creating impactful change for good.

Adam’s Recent Posts

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