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Why Do Human Beings Engage? 26 Impulses That Sustain Engagement

Each stimuli is unique for each person and each person responds based on a unique motivational profile. Nevertheless it’s worth attempting to identify the root motivations for engagement to become more intentional about creating sticky experiences. Here are 26 instincts that motivate a commitment of time and energy


The Literary Revolver: An Interactive Structure from Studio 113

Frankly speaking, interactive learning structures work. By merging standards-based prompts, random selectiveness, a backchannel, improvisational acting, and overall creativity, Studio 113’s fairly new “Literary Revolver” places students on an engaging, challenging, and fun path to lesson mastery.

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Teaching with Comics

Have you ever used a comic strip in class? Have you ever turned to a comic for your own education? (If you’ve ever read the flight safety pamphlet on a plane, the answer to that question is “yes.”) Despite their historical reputation as “low brow” non-literature (they were even blamed for juvenile delinquency back in the ‘50s) comics have proven useful for everything from motivating kids to read to instructional manuals for the military.

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Book Review: Self-Driven Learning

I am an informal educator. That is, I’m an educator with a focus on informal or “free choice” learning and public engagement with science. So it is a pleasure to say that, regardless of my informal education focus, Larry Ferlazzo’s new book on encouraging intrinsic motivation in students is an insightful and worthwhile sequel to his 2011 book Helping Students Motivate Themselves.

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Six premises, seven ideas for better teacher training

At the Twitter Town Hall with Education Secretary Arne Duncan (related: the full transcript of that dialogue is online) on August 24, he promised some new initiatives regarding schools of education. In the hope that the suggestion box is still open, I have a suggestion — not for the Secretary but for schools and colleges of education.

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Motivational Profiles

Mining the combined data from home and school will yield rich and powerful motivational profiles that will power smart recommendation engines--and that's when we'll see the real power of customized learning.