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4 Essential Competency-Based Education Commitments for HigherEd Leaders

If higher education institutions can remain focused on these core commitments, then competency-based education can make a substantive contribution to improving the quality of education, access for those not well served by traditional models, and building a closer relationship with employers and improved employability for graduates.

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5 Options Allow GenDIY to Rethink College

Finish high school, go to college, graduate four or five years later and go to work--only it doesn’t work that way very often for Millennials. The GenDIY hack on higher education is a series of solutions that boosts affordability, flexibility, and employability.

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8 ways B Schools are different than Ed Schools

Following a visit to Florida State University College of Education, Tom reflects on the cultural differences between business and ed schools and how ed schools can fight for relevance in the learning revolution.

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Quote of the Day: Moving Away from Institutions

Yesterday in Spokane I said that twenty years after "www" became a familiar phrase, we are just beginning to understand the profound implications for how human beings learn--and what it means for institutions of learning.