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College Degrees More Important Than Ever

According to a report released by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, almost 12 million U.S. jobs have been created post recession and virtually all have gone to workers with at least some college.

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It’s Time we Talk About Career-Tech

By: Shane Haggerty. It is ultimately up to all of us to do better educating parents and students about all pathways. There is a skills shortage in many industries, skills gaps mismatching degrees with talents needed for jobs, a mountain of growing debt that students can’t repay.

Difference Making

5 HigherEd Learning Trends About to Reshape the Workplace

By: Lenny DeFranco & Getting Smart Staff. Today's college students will soon be tomorrow's business leaders and the ways they're learning will carry over to the workplaces where they're headed. These learning rends are changing the learning experience for postsecondary students, and will subsequently influence the culture and systems of workplaces in the near future.


5 Strategies for Leading College Readiness Programs

By: Braska Williams. Five strategies for leading college readiness college programs: Engage students year-round, expose students to new ideas, give students role models they can relate to, meet parents and guardians where they are, show students and parents that you care.