Personalized Learning

Students Shine Through Digital Portfolios

Voyager Academy Charter School in Durham, NC is a project-based learning school that currently has about 1,250 students across grades K-11. We started with 320 students in grades 4-7 in 2007 and have grown exponentially. This upcoming school year we will add 12th grade and complete our growth.


Portfolio Provider Pathbrite Lands Another $4 Million

Pathbrite, announced today that it has completed a $4 Million Series A2 financing round that extends the $2.5 Million Series A financing round announced in June 2012.  That brings the total raised to $8 million. Pathbrite is the leading provider of portfolio services to K-12 and…

Personalized Learning

It’s Student in Action, Not Inaction

The natural state of children is “in motion.” They are not simply pictures, they are motion pictures. A classroom full of third graders is a lot like a pool of sharks, except scarier. We are all aware of this natural state of activity yet we’ve managed to take our adult cubical workspace and force it upon the classroom.