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Infographic: Are MOOCs The Future of Online Education?

As the price of higher ed rises, the big question is will MOOCs be the viable alternative that makes education after high school more affordable? This infographic draws out some of the statistics known about the development of MOOCs so far, as well as plotting out the pros and cons of taking a MOOC today.


EdTech 10: The Good Stuff

Happy Saturday! We are half way through November and definitely feeling thankful for so many interesting and good things happening in the world of education this week.

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Enriching Online Education through E-Service-Learning

While the physical separation of online students from the campus poses a significant challenge to participating in service-learning opportunities, pioneering educators are attempting to offer equivalent learning experiences to online students.


CEOs Want Hard-Working Decision-Making Team Players

A survey of chief executives indicates that 92% say education is very or the most important national competitiveness issue. But the survey, conducted by the The Business Council and The Conference Board, isn't a flattering picture of U.S. education.

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Freemium U

Scott Hines is the president of World Education University (WEU). He's also mayor of the city of Rancho Mirage, CA. While this may turn out to be University Mirage, you should pay attention to this business model.

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The MOOC Goes to High School

Last summer when Reynoldsburg City Schools connected with Udacity, the elite provider of free university-level education, it envisioned a new model for learning with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that would come to life during, not after high school.

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Smart Cities: Los Angeles

LA significantly lags the Bay Area, New York, and Chicago as an edtech leader. The activity level is closer to that of Seattle, a metro area less than a third its size.