School Consortium Proposes a Better Transcript

For well over a century we've recorded the high school experience as a series of courses and grades, showing activity but not necessarily growth and accomplishment. Here is how the Mastery Transcript Consortium is working to change this approach for the better.

Competency-Based Education

The Science of Summit’s Success

Summit Public Schools released a white paper from 15 years of research that shares what school leaders believe about helping young people be successful, the promise of public education and principles for school design rooted in the science of learning.

Competency-Based Education

Pilots Offer a Promising Path to Competency-Based Education

By: Karla Phillips and Carri Schneider. The experiences of Idaho, Utah and Florida around creating pilot state competency-based education programs confirm that a pilot program is a highly effective way for education leaders to kick-start these efforts.


What We’ll Teach at the First School on Mars

By: Nathan Martin. A failing education system in the future will mean the end of humanity. When we imagine what it should look like, here are three things we will need definitely need to focus on to ensure its success.

Ed Policy

EdTech 10: Going for Gold

In this week's EdTech 10, we’re going for Olympic Gold with updates on everything from a mastery-based school district in Idaho to Snapchat and learning to code.


Canvas Announces Release of Mastery-Based Gradebook

The grade book supports teachers as they build outcomes for learning modules and evaluate student growth towards mastery of these outcomes. The gradebook will book will available to all Canvas users, including those who utilize the free version.