life skills

Project-Based Learning

Bringing Mindfulness to the K-5 Classroom

By: Lynea Gillen. There is a definite need to teach children at an early age what mindfulness is and how it can give us the tools we need for dealing successfully with all manner of challenges and difficulties.

Difference Making

5 Keys to Successfully Start Your Career

By: Cary J. Green, PhD. You learn in the classroom and through real world experience, but soft skills will increase your effectiveness as you enter the workforce. Here are five valuable soft skills to know to begin a successful career.

SEL & Mindset

Can Grit be Grown?

By: Jonathan E. Martin. Knowing the importance of grit is barely half the battle. What we really need to know is how to grow it in ourselves and others.

Personalized Learning

8 Ways To Encourage Soft Skills (Core Dispositions) in our Children

Parents and teachers alike agree personal growth and development matters, but these qualities still seem intangible, subjective, and hard to see and measure. The very term ‘soft skills’ sounds pretty fluffy and doesn’t command the sense of importance it deserves. So how might we, as parents, highlight and nurture these core dispositions in our children?


It’s Time to Trash the Terms “Non-Cogs” and “Soft Skills”

By: Andy Calkins. In this blog Andy suggests a deliberate adoption of language that lives up to the central importance of persistence, self-control, curiosity, conscientiousness, grit and self-confidence in students’ genuine readiness for everything they encounter during their PreK-12 experience.