life skills

Network Effect

The Power of a Network: Living Bridges Driving Purpose

By: Corey Mohn. What can solve that age-old challenge in education known as "senioritis?" What can increase engagement while better preparing students not just for college, or even career, but for life? This district had a wild idea, and it worked.

SEL & Mindset

How to Help Students Steer Clear of Fake News

By: Kevin M. Levin. Fake news spread like wildfire in the recent election, but misinformation has always been a problem. In this post, I explore the history of fake news and provide some strategies for identifying it.


The Importance of Balancing Classroom Technology Use

By: Kate Durocher. Classroom technology has made the lives of teachers and students more efficient, but it's important to remember the need to use tech effectively while still fostering skills essential to life such as reading and writing.

Future of Learning

How Dialogue Teaches Critical Thinking and Empathy

By: Dr. Ian Jamison. Students see misleading information and heated exchanges on the internet every day. How can we help them develop the ability to shun the vitriolic exchanges that can happen online and learn to engage in true, productive dialogue?

Project-Based Learning

Bringing Mindfulness to the K-5 Classroom

By: Lynea Gillen. There is a definite need to teach children at an early age what mindfulness is and how it can give us the tools we need for dealing successfully with all manner of challenges and difficulties.