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Why Investing in Learning Mindsets Matters

The role that learning mindsets play in academic performance is being researched thanks to groups such as The Raikes Foundation, who is helping to develop and share tools, strategies and best practices to support the development of academic mindsets that foster learning. Studies show students with strong learning mindsets do better in school and are more likely to graduate from college.


Teachers Model Growth Mindsets During Twitter Ed Chat

By: Heather Ngoma. Ensuring teachers are comfortable with tech tools and social media for professional purposes is a top priority for the Rutgers Alternate Route program. Last month Rutgers immersed a cohort of new teachers in a facilitated discussion on Growth Mindsets via Twitter, here's the results.

Personalized Learning

Growth Mindset Parenting

By: Eduardo Briceño. As part of our Smart Parents series, Eduardo, CEO and co-founder of Mindset Works, writes about the importance of growth mindset and how parents can encourage a growth mindset through becoming a growth mindset role model and monitoring how they talk to their students about hard work, praise, and intelligence.


Math on Facebook: A Love/Hate Relationship

Let's dive into what math on Facebook looks like and why it is important to promote a positive message of the subject. A scan from this week’s feed results in 3 Loves and 3 not so much’s - a sampling of my love/hate relationship with math on Facebook.


Closing the Motivation Gap

The fact that the best professors in the world are making their courses freely available is an important milestone in learning opportunity, but MOOCs are largely serving the college educated seeking additional education.