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How Digital Learning Contributes to Deeper Learning

Here at Getting Smart, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve learning. We advocate for tools and schools that work better for students and teachers. We love to see and share stories about engaged learners producing quality products.

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10 Strategies to Promote Deeper Learning

Author Bernie Trilling asked, "What would it take for more students to benefit from deeper learning?" Trilling was referring to education that pushes beyond the basics, is engaging and challenging, and prepares young people for college and careers.

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Digital Learning Leads to Deeper Learning

We think digital learning can lead to deeper learning.  We’re writing a paper with a framework of evidence.  A little brainstorming led to a list of ten benefits we’ve seen: Engagement: media that grabs attention Motivation: encouragement to go deeper Persistence: capturing more learning hours per day Production: ability…


SCE Launches Digital Learning Challenge

SCE, a Chicago-based social investment organization, launched a “Digital Learning Challenge” by inviting letters of inquiry that could lead to up to $250,000 in grants. The announcement is worth reading just because it is an interesting premise--that shifting even a portion of the out-of-school media time of low income youth to productive learning activities can make a big difference.

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Online Writing Assessment Across South Dakota

With approximately 40% of high-schoolers learning in 1:1 environments and statewide use of an online writing assessment program, South Dakota is taking important steps toward the digital future of education. We connected with South Dakota Director of Assessment Gay Pickner to find out more.