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Future of Work

New Skills Framework Shaped by Vast Data Set on Job Requirements

The New Foundational Skills of the Digital Economy recently released a report with data analysis provided by Burning Glass Technologies. The data set is driven from keywords in more than 150 million unique U.S. job postings, dating back to 2007. Recognizing these skills as essential learning outcomes for the 21st century, it frames a path to success for students and graduates as they transition to the future of work.

SEL & Mindset

Gen Z and the Skills Gap

Dell Technologies recently surveyed high school and college students from around the globe about their views on technology and future careers. In this post, David Ross explores some of their findings.

Personalized Learning

Cheating 2.0: How to Fight Back Against ‘Contract Cheating’

By: Dennis Pierce. Essay-writing and homework completion services are proliferating across the web. We should be teaching our students that this "contract cheating" is not a victimless crime, that not all students are doing it, that it’s not harmless, and that it’s not okay.