Future of Learning

Friday Five: Notes From The Frontier

Check out the first in our new series called "Friday Five". Learn about what we've been thinking and writing about this week, whats new, where our team's been and how you can contribute.

SEL & Mindset

Defining (and Driving) Collaboration

By: Jordan Lippman and Janine Perri. In today's world, both employers and educational institutions place a high value on soft skills that are transferable across professional, academic, and social situations. One of the most frequently cited skills is collaboration.


A New Way to Start an EdTech Company

Enkidu, an Indian EdTech startup, could revolutionize the way we view business collaboration where time, trust and efficiency are of the utmost of importance in spite of long distances separating collaborators. It could also open up exciting new avenues for education.

Future of Work

Collaboration: Key to Successful Teams and Projects

By Tom Vander Ark and Emily Liebtag. Collaboration is key to successful teams and projects. It is sometimes thought of as a “soft skill” but in high-performance organizations, collaboration is the result of the intentional design of culture, structure, and tools, and the cultivation of individual mindsets and skill sets.

SEL & Mindset

Teaching Students How to Work Together

The group work structure and opportunities to practice collaboration may prove to be invaluable for students to learn how to work effectively with others so that they can succeed in the future workforce.

Future of Learning

Key To Prep: The Science of Teams

As managing projects and working in teams becomes a priority learning outcome in schools, it's important to understand several important group dynamics that can ensure a team is successful.

SEL & Mindset

Global Collaboration in the Music Classroom

Global and cultural competencies are going to become increasingly important as the world continues to globalize. What can teachers do? Here, we share the story of a teacher who brought global collaboration to her music classroom.

Place Based Education

Students Share Their Perspectives on Place-Based Learning

By: Nate McClennen. Student voice is important to include in the place-based education conversation, so here are responses from a group of middle school students in Wyoming and Idaho who were asked, “What are the benefits of place-based education?”