Exploring the World From Our Classroom

Promoting global collaboration is important to help our students develop skills for the future and to enhance their cultural awareness. There are a lot of digital tools are resources that facilitate these collaborations faster than ever before.

Project-Based Learning

Keep Your Head Up

One teacher shares a collaborative project idea meant to deliver a positive message to students, teachers, and parents about persevering through tough times, showing some grit, and leaning on their school district family when needed.


Leadership: The Humble Path of Decision Making

Leadership is s windy road with decisions at every turn. In this blog, Adam explores making decisions through a personal journey of his own experiences and that of the partners that he works with to transform learner experience.


Improving Organizational Culture: The What vs. The Why

The start of a new year is a great time to take a personal, team, and organization pulse and set intentions which will help carry you throughout the year. One helpful exercise for all organizations to go through is to reexamine both the organization’s “why” and each team member’s personal “why”.