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Reversing Generational Poverty

Courtland MIlloy writes for the Washington Post that, despite DC Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s (EEP board member) tough road to reform, her commitment for equal education for all is inspiring. Milloy comments on a commentary written by Rhee, in which she wrote, "I believe we can solve the problems of urban education in our lifetimes and actualize education's power to reverse generational poverty."


Maximize Ed to Fulfill Every Student Need

Patrick Riccards, a guest blogger from the eduflack blog, tells us that Chicago Public Schools gives us a great example of making school an adaptable and flexible environment that matches every student's need with an appropriate offering. The result is achievement.


The Gap Grows

Black, Hispanic and poor children are catching up to Asian and White classmates in Texas. Click to read more daily news updates about education reform.

Personalized Learning

The Black Boy Crisis

Where's the outrage? Bob Herbert rings the bell on the black boy crisis in America. Good new schools are best antidote we've found.


The Podesta Strikes Back

John Podesta writes in the Washington Post: “Many progressives -- including Janet Murguía, president of the National Council of La Raza, and Michael Lomax, president of the United Negro College Fund -- support a hard-nosed approach to reforming schools. So do many conservatives."


Governor Bush: Oklahoma Can Follow Florida's Lead

Oklahoma and Florida may soon have more in common than having a panhandle, when it comes to education reform. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has recommended an education overhaul in Oklahoma, holding Florida up as a model for combating illiteracy and boosting achievement, according to EdWeek.