What support does your team need right now?

summer teacher PD

Like you, we’ve adjusted to the new normal and have been working on taking care of our team the same way you’ve done so for your fellow support staff, teachers and administrators. And as school boards consider how to support the coming school year, one thing all have in common is the need to invest in their educators.

We at Getting Smart are here to make your next steps more successful and help launch your school year on sure footing through professional learning workshops.

We would love to hear how you’re preparing for the pending strategic work and how Getting Smart can fortify your efforts or help break through obstacles in your students’ paths. In the weeks ahead, we will be sharing more examples of such work we’ve done for other schools. Please reach out to consider an engagement with Getting Smart. We’ll be ready.

We’ve recently published a new bundle of content focused on future-forward leadership. We hope it is helpful!

Here are just a few ideas to get you started… let us know how we can help!


Equity For All Learners: Personal, Digital, Instructional

Teaching Effectively Online: Always Be Assessing

SEL for the Entire Learning Community

Competency-Based Education: From Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Through Credentials

The Slow Must Go On: Educator/Student Work-Life Balance Under the New Normal

Next Generation Leadership for Re-building Learning Systems Post-COVID

Agile System Design


Students and Families




Business Managers

Support Staff

School Board



Webinars and Virtual Coaching


Podcasts and Recorded Webinar Content