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SmartStudents-225x225All of us at Getting Smart believe in the power of blogging in order to promote and strengthen learning for students. This year we want to open our blog even more and add student voice to our community. What better way to hear about innovations in the classroom than to hear it straight from our learners.

The Smart Student blogging contest is open to individual students or entire classrooms and entries can be submitted here. Blog posts should highlight innovative learning events, projects, or experiences students have participated in, or anything that gets you excited to hope out of bed and go to school! Participants will have the chance to win monthly prizes as well as an annual prize to the most read blog at the end of the school year (June).

If you’re interested in hearing about how you can help bring more student voice to the blog, please contact Jessica Slusser.

Read our current Smart Student submissions!

May Smart Student contest powered by MIND Research Institute.


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