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Knowledge Design

Knowledge Design: Contributing to the next gen learning body of knowledge through the development, creation and dissemination of tailored, informed and high-impact content and tools that empower learning leaders.

A - Knowledge DesignThought Leadership Development

  • Interactive papers
  • Books
  • Case studies & profiles
  • Blog series & Smart Bundles

Multimedia Creation

  • Podcasts
  • Photography
  • Videography

Customized Content Support Services

  • Content audits
  • Writing and editorial support
  • Editorial management
  • Copy-editing

Tailored Launch Services

  • Audience identification
  • Social media & public/media relations
  • Targeted outreach

Graphic Design

  • Infographics
  • Paper design
  • Logo and brand development
  • Promotional graphic design

Examples of our Knowledge Design work:

Papers Infographics Case Studies & Profiles Blog Series & Bundles
Core-and-More-cover-for-Services Teacher-Prep-Infographic-for-Services Coding-for-Services

For more information on Getting Smart’s Knowledge Design services, please contact Dr. Carri Schneider at Carri@GettingSmart.com.