Protected: Portrait of a Graduate Gallery

[…] are defined in the Iowa Core as “competencies and habits of mind needed for future successes in careers, college, and citizenry.” Unique Callout: Complex Communication Learn More Profile of a South Carolina Graduate South Carolina’s PoG is a comprehensive and holistic view of both a successful student and person. Unique Callout: Sustain Wellness Learn […]


An eduInnovation project in partnership with Getting Smart with support from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation.  Download the Generation Do-It-Yourself (# GenDIY) Toolkit: Stories to inspire you and tool to get you started. Generation Do-It-Yourself or #GenDIY is a thought leadership campaign born out of a new generation building a global economy and […]


Protected: Portrait of an Educator

[…] via classroom performance or professional learning experiences. Systems built as competency based and mirror the learning model will help to accelerate educator understanding of the model. Glenbard Profile of an Educator This Portrait of an Educator from Illinois emphasizes adaptability, diversity and empathy. Unique Callout: Understands the Impact of Global Systems Learn More KnowledgeWorks […]

Equity & Access

Collaborating with Community as Partners in Fulfilling the Promise of your Graduate Profile

Community engagement and collaboration is essential in both planning and implementing Graduate Profiles in order to fulfill the promise articulated in your profile. ACE Leadership HS partners with the community in a variety of ways; this blog focuses on a specific strategy to collaborate on curriculum design and project planning that can be adapted […]

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Schools Worth Visiting

[…] focused on creative problem solving. Teachers model design thinking and rapid iteration across the curriculum. Homeschool Hybrid. DaVinci Connect is a TK-8 school in Hawthorne, California ( profiled here) that combines homeschool with two days per week of on-campus project-based and social emotional learning. Middle (6-8) Beacon Network Schools Greenfield Design. Achievement First operates […]


Protected: The Portrait Model: Building Coherence in School and System Redesign

[…] order of Learner, System, Educator, Leader, then Self the resulting framework provides clear guidance and transparency to the redesign process.  The Portrait of a Graduate (also called Profile of a Learner) is a unique and locally tailored vision that outlines the competencies and transferable skills that support a learner’s long-term success. It serves as […]


So You Designed a Profile of a Graduate, Now What?

Your district has recently completed your Profile of a Graduate, (sometimes also known as a Graduate Profile or Learner Profile) now what? Rebecca Midles and Katie Martin share next steps.

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Competency-Based Education

Town Hall Recap: Next Generation Learning Goals

On this Getting Smart Town Hall, we highlight various Portraits of a Graduate, Graduate Profiles, and Student Learning Goals with hopes of identifying a set of learner capabilities and skills that will prepare young people for whatever is next.

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Privacy Policy

[…] Student records and directory information NO K. Inferences drawn from other personal information Inferences drawn from any of the collected personal information listed above to create a profile or summary about, for example, an individual’s preferences and characteristics NO We may also collect other personal information outside of these categories instances where you interact […]